Am I Right?!
                                               REVEREND WRONG VS. COSBY
                                                         Karyl Miller

     Open letter to media gods: Why should Obama be forced to arm wrestle every
media maniac who hops onboard his campaign?  Please make the next debate be
between Rev. Wrong and Bill Cosby.  Let them duke it out about their race’s place in
America today.  
     If running for president means throwing yourself naked into the national meat
grinder, no sane person will want the job.
    If TV moguls could, they’d put Hill and Barack into a camera filled house and we
could watch them squabble over who left the seat up.  The public would vote for their
favorite roomie and that winner would get to be democratic nominee.  Dumb enough?


Ms. Miller is an Emmy-winning writer-producer.
aPRIL 21, 2008

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