KEYNOTE SPEAKER -  Erma Bombeck Writer's
Workshop Conference, University of Dayton, Ohio.  
USC Film School,  UCLA Film and TV Dept.,  UCSD,  San
Francisco State U,  UC Irvine, Caltech, Loyola-Marymount
U,  Writers Guild Of America, California Women Lawyer’s
Association, Black Women Lawyer's Association

Faculty 2006 Erma Bombeck Workshop

See Karyl Speak. Speak Karyl, Speak! (video)
Whatchu talkin' bout Karyl? (2006)
SITCOM MOM :Writing Claire Huxtable was Easier than Being Claire Huxtable. Karyl's funny look
back on her amazing career as a full time writer-producer AND single mom.

Everybody Loves Karyl - show me the kudos!
I loved this woman!  Her funny and inspiring story gives hope to working mothers like me.
Plus, she was soo funny.

After hearing Karyl, I ran home and wrote, wrote, wrote.  If she could do it, so can I!

It was fascinating to hear how Karyl's wacky experiences were the basis for her storylines on the
Mary Tyler Moore Show, Cosby, and Erma Bombeck's sitcom.

See Karyl Speak. Speak Karyl, Speak! (video)
Other Services (writing, editing

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